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Salesforce Configuration and Development 
- Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud; 
- Page layouts, Record Types, Native and Custom Objects; 
- Security Profiles, Roles, Groups, Territories and Sharing Rules for Salesforce instances with 50 to 500+ users; 
- Building applications and custom business logic with Force.com. Advanced VisualForce Pages and Wizards with APEX Controllers. APEX Triggers. Batches and scheduled jobs. Deep understanding and hands-on knowledge of Salesforce Governor Limits. Apex sharing and security concepts; 
- Validation and Workflow rules. Approval processes. Process builder; 
- Force.com sites, Salesforce communities, and portals. Chatter; 
- Custom Reports and Dashboards; 
- Lightning experience. 
- System Integration
- Salesforce DX
- Big Objects
- Mass data transfer from other systems. Data ETL (Extract, Transformation, Load). Legacy systems migration to Salesforce platform. Integration with other systems (Filogix, clicky.com, Versature, Google Adwords, Google Maps, eBay); 
- System integrations involving SOAP/REST Web Services to integrate/expose data between Salesforce and other platforms; 
- Web-to-Lead. Email-to-Case.

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