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Andrii Muzychuk

I'm versatile Salesforce specialist. I love to code business logic with Apex. This is more efficient and robust than Workflows, Process Builder, and Flows (imho). However I'm totally ok following Salesforce's best practices - use Declarative (point & click) tools if possible and appropriate (if you already have the whole business process in Apex I don't create additional feature outside of Apex).  
I'm capable of talking to people to get the idea of what they want from business prospective and how they imagine it in Salesforce. After analysis I present options and estimates. I don't remember any troubles during implementation phase... just a routine you need to do. Unit Tests are the must. And usually I write Integration Tests trying to cover as much use cases as possible (which usually gives me around 90% of code coverage). 

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I - 2021
Salesforce Platform App Builder - 2018
Salesforce Certified Force.com Developer - 2013 - 2017  

C#, Web Service, Java, MS SQL